General Description

The RTS5444V is an advanced Type-C Controller designed for source-only port applications. It supports USB Type-C Specification Release 1.3 and integrates Configuration Channel (CC) logic, VCONN power switch, VBUS power switch, 5V to 3.3V LDO regulator, and internal oscillator into a single chip.

The RTS5444V supports standard USB, 1.5A and 3A Type-C current mode that can be selected by RP_SEL0/1 pins. When a Type-C sink device is attached and a connection has been established, the #ATTD and #PLG_ORI pins will assert to inform the external controller of an attach event, and notify the plug orientation for USB3.1 SuperSpeed pair routing and connection. #ATTD and #PLG_ORI can also be connected to an external 2:1 MUX for USB3.1 SuperSpeed pair switching in some applications.

The RTS5444V will source VCONN on the CCx line if a Type-C device is attached via electronic cables. The integrated VCONN power switch supports up to 300mA source capability and can fully supply all USB3.1 active cables. The fast current limit response can avoid surge current when CCx is shorted to ground. It will effectively prevent the chip from being damaged and prevent 5V_IN voltage from dropping too much. The VCONN switch will be auto-turned off if an overcurrent event has been sustained for 600ms.

The RTS5444V also integrates an ultra-low RDS (ON) power distribution switch. This VBUS power switch supports up to 5V/3A source capability and has multiple protection functions to protect the power source from being damaged by overcurrent, hard short, over temperature, over voltage, and reverse current fault conditions. When a fault condition event occurs, the #FLT pin will assert to inform external controller after debounce. The external controller informed by #FLT can turn off the VBUS power switch by driving the EN pin low, or leave the power switch auto shutdown (without auto recovery) after 200ms debounce if the fault lasts. If the fault condition is overcurrent, the output current will immediately be limited to the value setting by RP_SEL1/0 pins. If the fault condition is over temperature, over voltage, or reverse current, the power switch will be immediately turned off and auto turned on if the fault is removed before a 200ms timeout.

The RTS5444V adopts an industry standard 24-pin QFN 3mm*2mm Green package.


  • Supports all Type-C Channel Configuration (CC) functions according to USB Type-C Specification Release 1.3
    • Type-C sink device attach/detach detection
    • Type-C debug accessory attach/detach detection
    • Type-C audio accessory attach/detach detection
    • Type-C plug orientation detection when sink device or debug accessory attached.
    • Type-C standard USB, 1.5A and 3A current mode advertisement
  • Built-in VCONN switch with overcurrent protection to support up to 300mA source capability
  • Integrated microprocessor
  • Support for Crystal-less application
  • Integrated 5V to 3.3V LDO
  • Built-in VBUS power switch to support up to 5V/3A source capability
    • Programmable Current-limit function to protect power source from overcurrent and short circuit conditions
    • Over temperature protection
    • Auto discharge when VBUS power switch turned off
    • Reverse blocking function when VBUS power switch is off
    • 28V DC tolerance VBUS_OUT pin
    • Over voltage protection when VBUS_IN voltage exceeds 5.6V (typ.)
    • Reverse current blocking protection when deviation of VBUS_OUT and VBUS_IN voltage exceeds 60mV


  • Notebook, Desktop PCs