Realtek Launches World’s First Single-Chip 2.5G Ethernet Controller for Multiple Applications, including Gaming Solution


HSINCHU, Taiwan – May 30, 2018 – Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), one of the world’s leading communications network and multimedia IC providers, today announced the world’s first single-chip 2.5G Ethernet Controller for multiple applications, including Gaming solution.

This cutting edge device provides a 250% increase in data rate over Gigabit Ethernet, and requires no changes to existing cable infrastructure. Realtek announced a series of 2.5G Ethernet solutions that cover a variety of different application needs. These include:

  • RTL8125: Supports the PCIe 2.0 interface for PC embedded    applications
  • RTL8156: Provides a USB3.1 interface for external Dongle and Docking applications
  • RTL8226: A physical layer transceiver that supports 2500BASE-X, SGMII+, and USXGMII (2.5G) interfaces, and is ideal for Switch, Router, and other communications network devices

Realtek’s 2.5G Ethernet solution is the world’s first to adopt a QFN package without heat sink. It is also the world’s first pure ASIC solution for 2.5G Ethernet that does not require Firmware and external FLASH, which minimizes the external BOM cost. For backward compatibility with legacy devices it also supports 10/100/1000Mbps modes.
The RTL8125AG is part of the RTL8125 series and is designed for Gaming PCs. In conjunction with Realtek Dragon Software, incoming high priority packets are processed immediately, eliminating queuing delays and providing an enhanced gaming experience. The RTL8156 supports next generation CDC-NCM, which allows users to enjoy the benefits of Plug and Link when plugged into a CDC-NCM supported MAC OS or Linux OS product, and makes it much easier for users to upgrade their Ethernet to 2.5G.

“Realtek’s RTL8125, RTL8156, and RTL8226 Series products lower the cost and effort for customers to upgrade their Gigabit Ethernet to 2.5G Ethernet, and speed up the transition to a 2.5G Ethernet Ecosystem”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “2.5G Ethernet will increase business working efficiency by increasing the network speed. It will also greatly reduce file transfer time between networked devices in a home environment, where video streaming over the network is becoming commonplace. Realtek’s single-chip 2.5G Ethernet ICs are currently the most competitive 2.5G solutions in the market”.

For more information about Realtek’s single-chip 2.5G Ethernet demonstrations at COMPUTEX 2018, visit the TICC building (Booth number T201A), 5 June ~8 June: 9:30am~6:00pm.

About Realtek
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. is a world leading IC provider that designs and develops a wide range of IC products for communications network, computer peripheral, and multimedia applications. Products include 10/100/1000M/2500M Ethernet Controllers/PHYs, 10/100/1000M Ethernet Switch Controllers/Media Converter Controllers/Gateway Controllers, Wireless LAN Controllers & AP/Router SoCs, xDSL, VoIP Solutions, Bluetooth, xPON, IoT Solutions, Automotive Ethernet Solutions, High Fidelity Audio Solutions for Mobile and PC Applications, Card Reader Controllers, Web Camera Controllers, LCD Monitor/ATV/DTV Controllers, and Digital Home Center Controllers. With advanced design expertise in RF, analog, and mixed signal circuits, and with strong manufacturing and system knowledge, Realtek offers full-featured, high-performance, and competitive total solutions. More information on Realtek can be found on our website:

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