Realtek Demonstrates WiMediaTM Platform Certified Single-Chip Ultra-Wideband IC & World's Lowest Power Consumption PCIe GBE Controller


INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Taipei – October 15, 2007 – Realtek Semiconductor Corp., one of the world's leading network and computer peripheral IC providers, will demonstrate its WiMediaTM platform certified high-performance, low-power RTU7105 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) single-chip solution, Wireless USB hub and device solutions, as well as its award-winning RTL8111C gigabit Ethernet controller at the Intel Developer Forum, Taipei (October 15~16).

WiMedia platform certification establishes the full compliance of the RTU7105 with the WiMedia MAC specification, which is designed to enable flexible formation of wireless personal area networks and coexistence between devices supporting different protocols, including Certified Wireless USB, next generation Bluetooth, and IP-over-UWB.

The single-chip RTU7105 provides a full array of Certified Wireless USB Device functions, including all WUSB transfer types, and numeric and USB cable-based association models. In an industry first, the RTU7105 integrated radio provides dual-band capabilities, with support for both WiMedia BG1 (3.168~4.752GHz) and BG3 (6.336~7.920GHz). With USB2.0 and SDIO 1.2 interfaces, the RTU7105 can function as a Device Wire Adapter, or as a Native Wireless USB Device offering significantly higher system throughput. In addition, the chip's innovative technology provides an easy migration path to Certified Wireless USB by extending wired USB2.0 functionality to both wired and wireless USB.

Realtek's well-known RTU7010 WiMedia-registered PHY solution will also be on display at Realtek's booth. Wireless USB hub and device solutions in various form factors using the RTU7105 and RTU7010 provide a wide portfolio of UWB solutions for both host and device-side applications.

“Completion of the WiMedia Certification Program is a major milestone for the Ultra-Wideband industry, finally enabling shipment of products, and assuring customers of the interoperability of devices from multiple vendors”, said Ran Yan, Senior Vice President of Realtek, General manager of the UWB Group. “With our WiMedia Registered PHY chip, full-CMOS UWB single-chip solution, and various FCC compliant reference designs now available, we can help customers to rapidly accelerate their design flow.”

The combination of complete feature set, high-performance, low-power use, advanced level of integration, and variety of form factors make Realtek the compelling choice for UWB solutions.

Very Low Power Consumption Gigabit Ethernet Controller

In addition to the new UWB products, Realtek will demonstrate its award-winning 10/100/1000 PCI Express Ethernet controllers. The RTL8111C-GR and RTL8111CP-GR combine a triple-speed IEEE 802.3 compliant Media Access Controller (MAC) with a triple-speed Ethernet transceiver, PCI Express bus controller, and embedded memory. The RTL8111C(P) controllers stand out for their innovation in breaking the technical power barrier; consuming less than 800mW in maximum performance state and achieving a total power consumption 60% less than competing products, making them ideal for mobile and portable devices.
RTL8111C(P) technological innovations include:

  • World's first Single-Chip PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller with a built-in high-power-efficiency switching regulator
  • World's first dynamic detection of cable length and dynamic adjustment of power required for the detected cable length
  • Realtek's Deep Slumber Mode (DSM) cuts power consumption to less than 80mA when the network cable is disconnected from the RTL8111C(P)

The RTL8111C(P) Integrated Single-Chip PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controllers offer low power consumption, low heat output, high integration, high performance, and high adaptability, all within a compact package size, providing a very competitive Gigabit Ethernet Controller solution.

The IDF will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center October 15~16, and Realtek's booth is A41.

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