General Description

RTS5441S is an advanced Type-C Power Delivery Controller that integrates all Type-C related hardware and firmware. The hardware integrates the Configuration Channel (CC) logistics, including the bus voltage detectors, Rp/Rd resistors, and internal power switches with overcurrent protection to supply VCONN 5V. The RTS5441S also integrates a low insertion loss and return loss 4 to 2 channels mux switch. This mux switch’s bandwidth is over 10Gbps and it can contribute to Type-C plug flipping operations. The RTS5441S also integrates a 5 to 3.3V LDO regulator and an internal oscillator.

These integrated hardware blocks can be applied in various applications and dramatically reduce the system BOM cost. The firmware inside the RTS5441S supports USB Type-C Specification Release 1.3. The RTS5441S supports Type-C current mode selection via GPIO configuration. It is easy to be used for USB3.1 gen1 and gen2 Type-C downstream facing ports that need orientation detection and switching.

The RTS5441S also integrates an ultra-low RDS(ON) power distribution switch inside. This power switch is used for providing the VBUS with 5V/3A capability according to the Type-C Specification 1.3. This power switch has a current-limit function to protect the power source from overcurrent and short circuit conditions. It incorporates over temperature protection and a reverse blocking function.

The RTS5441S adopts an industry standard 24-pin QFN 4mm*4mm Green package.


  • Supports all Type-C Channel Configuration (CC) functions according to USB Type-C Specification Release 1.3
    • Cable Orientation Detection
    • Type-C current mode detection/configuration as DFP after connection
    • OCP detection and handling
  • Built-in VCONN switch with overcurrent protection supporting up to 300mA
  • Built-in 10Gbps 4:2 channels mux switch to support USB3.1 Gen1/Gen2 signal switching
  • Built-in 8bit SAR ADC that can monitor VBUS voltage
  • Digital auto-scan and comparator block of ADC contributes to fast response to system alarm
  • Integrated microprocessor
  • Support for Crystal-less application
  • Integrated 3.3V output LDO
  • Built-in VBUS power switch to support up to 5V/3A source capability
    • Programmable Current-limit function to protect power source from overcurrent and short circuit conditions
    • Over temperature protection
    • Reverse blocking function when VBUS power switch is off


  • Notebook, Desktop PCs
  • Dongles, Docks
  • Monitors