Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 SoC

General Description

The RTL8752CJ / RTL8752CJF (hereafter referred to as the RTL8752C except where differences exist) is an ultra-low-power system on-chip solution for Bluetooth 4.2 low energy applications that combines the excellent performance of a leading RF transceiver with a low-power ARM Cortex-M4F and rich powerful supporting features and peripherals.

The RTL8752C supports an analog MIC interface that integrates a sigma-delta ADC, programmable gain amplifier, 5-Band equalizer and microphone bias circuit for voice command application. The RTL8752C embeds IR transceiver, hardware key-scan, and Quad-decoder on a single IC, and is provided in a QFN package.



  • Ultra low power consumption with intelligent PMU
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.2 core specification
  • Additional Adv channel
  • Channel Selection #2
  • High Duty Cycle Non-Connectable Adv
  • Integrated MCU to execute Bluetooth protocol stack
  • Supports multiple level Low Energy states
  • Supports LE L2CAP Connection Oriented Channel Support
  • Supports LE low duty directed advertising
  • Supports LE data length extension feature
  • Supports OTA (Over-the-Air) programming mechanism for firmware upgrade
  • Supports GAP, ATT/GATT, SMP, L2CAP
  • Generic Applications for GAP Central, Peripheral, Observer and Broadcaster Roles


  • ARM Cortex-M4 with floating-point unit (Maximum 20MHz)
  • Serial flash controller (One and Qual-bits mode) with 16kB 4-way cache.
  • Total 160kB SRAM
  • 4Kbits eFUSE for manufacturer use
  • Supports AES128/192/256 encrypt/decrypt engine
  • Embedded 2Mbits flash (RTL8752CJF)

Bluetooth Transceiver

  • RX sensitivity: -97dBm BLE (min)
  • TX output power: +4dBm (max)
  • Fast AGC control to improve receiving dynamic range
  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy PHY

Peripheral Interfaces

  • Flexible General Purpose IOs
    • RTL8752CJ: 24GPIOs (max)
    • RTL8752CJF: 26GPIOs (max)
  • Hardware Keyscan and Quad-decoder
  • Embedded IR transceiver
  • Real-Time Counters (RTC)
  • Supports generic 4-wire SPI master/slave (max clock rate: 10MHz)
  • Supports 8 channel Low power comparator
  • 400ksps, 12bit, 8-channel AUXADC
  • Timers x 8
  • I2C x 2
  • PWM x 8
  • UART x 2
  • Supports external 40MHz XTAL without capacitor (in limited condition)
  • Supports external 32.768kHz XTAL without capacitor (in limited condition)
  • Supports embedded internal 32K RCOSC to keep BLE link (in limited condition)
  • Embedded PGA and audio ADC with 5-band EQ for analog MIC interface


  • RTL8752CJ: 40-pin 5x5mm QFN
  • RTL8752CJF: 40-pin 5x5mm QFN


  • TV Remote Controller
  • LE HID
  • Beacon
  • Home Automation
  • Key Fob
  • Wristband
  • Wearable Device
  • Toy