DVB-T COFDM Demodulator

General Description

The RTL2830 is a high-performance DVB-T COFDM demodulator that integrates a COFDM demodulator, FEC decoder, and de-interleavers, and is compatible with NorDig 1.02 and ETS 300 744 (ETSI Specification).
The RTL2830 supports tuners at IF (Intermediate Frequency) (36MHz/44MHz) or low-IF (4.57MHz) input using a 28.8MHz or 25MHz crystal. Embedded with an advanced ADC, the RTL2830 features high stability in portable reception. Via a two-wire interface, the output transport stream supports parallel and serial interfaces, providing great flexibility for implementation with different back-end ICs or USB bridge ICs.
The state-of-the-art RTL2830 features Realtek proprietary algorithms (patent-pending), including superior channel estimation, co-channel interface rejection, long echo channel reception, and impulse noise cancellation, and provides an ideal solution for a wide range of applications for PC-TV, portable TV, Set-Top Box, TV tuner module etc.


  • COFDM demodulator compatible with NorDig 1.02 and ETSI 300 744
  • On-chip FEC decoder and de-interleaver
  • Cost-effective direct IF sampling architecture and pure digital solution
  • Supports multiple IF frequencies (4.57, 36.167 or 43.75 MHz) and spectrum inversion
  • Single low-cost crystal for clock generation (±100 ppm)
  • Automatic transmission mode and guard interval detection
  • Impulse noise cancellation circuits
  • Automatic carrier recovery over a wide range offset
  • Superior performance in echo-reduction outside the guard interval
  • Embedded Adjacent and Co-channel interference rejection circuits
  • Common phase error compensation
  • On-chip PLL to minimize jitter noise
  • Delayed AGC with programmable take-over point (TOP)
  • Supports parallel and serial MPEG transport stream interfaces (two-wire interface)
  • 64-pin LQFP ‘Green’ package


  • DVB-T Set-Top box
  • TV tuner module
  • Portable DTV device
  • USB dongle solution