Realtek Enables Green Computing on Freescale's High Performance Embedded Processor


HSINCHU, Taiwan – September 14, 2010 – One of the world’s leading IC design houses, Realtek Semiconductor Corp., today announced that Realtek and Freescale Semiconductor will be showing Gigabit 802.3az technology in a high-performance Freescale P1022-based system at Freescale’s Technology Forum (FTF) in Tokyo Japan on September 14. The system enables a network presence with ultra-low power usage, thereby enabling compliance with ‘green’ initiatives from Energy Star and the Energy Using Products Directive (EuP).

These initiatives/directives require devices, for example networked printers, to receive network traffic while in sleep mode, with power input at less than 1W as measured at the AC plug.

“Realtek and Freescale are leading the way in enabling power-efficient networked devices”, said Nikolay Guenov, Marketing and Emerging Business Manager for Freescale’s Networking Products Division. “Realtek’s new RTL8211D/RTL8211E 802.3az PHY makes a substantial contribution to reducing power consumption on both home and corporate networks”.

The Realtek Gigabit PHY series supports the latest IEEE 802.3az standard; Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE). By leveraging Realtek’s PHY technology, the Ethernet PHYceiver power consumption can be reduced by up to 70% when the PHY is not receiving/transmitting packets. The new RTL8211D/RTL8211E 802.3az PHY together with Freescale’s P1022 high-performance embedded processor will require less than 1W of power to maintain the Gigabit network connection in sleep mode; and still preserve the ability to receive and pass packets to the embedded processor.

“To achieve the lowest power consumption during both active and idle modes, Realtek has pursued low power consumption as a goal from the design stage”, said Realtek’s Chief Planning Officer, Angus Lee. “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with Freescale in our ongoing drive to combine high performance with high energy-efficiency”.
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