Risk Management

In order to effectively identify, control, monitor, and prevent risks, Realtek conducts risk management for the risks that might cause operation uncertainty, as well as strengthens preventive measures and system strategies in the face of risks. The Company also established risk management policies, and the Board of Directors serves as the highest oversight unit for risk management. An independent audit unit under the Board of Directors is responsible for internal audits. These measures ensure that the risk management system continues to operate effectively.

Realtek’s risk management scope includes strategic planning, operational management, corporate finance, and harmful incidents, as well as climate change-related risks. We adopt ERM (Enterprise Risk Management ) procedures as a foundation and use risk identification, assessment, monitoring, responses, reporting, and disclosures procedures to ensure the Company’s business continuity and lower the potential impact of the risks.

The implementation of risk management in 2022 has been reported to the board of directors on October 28, 2022.



 Realtek Risk Management Organization Framework and Responsibilities