Wi-Fi 6 AP Router Solution with AI QoS (RTL8198D+RTL8832CR+ RTL8192XBR/RTL8198XB+ RTL8832CR+RTL8192XBR)

To reduce QoS parameter setting time, Realtek will roll out a Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band/Tri-band 2x2 AP router solution with AI QoS control. It will not require any Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and is able to identify more than 1M apps and 200,000 games. By dynamically adjusting the bandwidth, network performance is smoother and faster, and the user experience is elevated. For example, if user A is gaming, conferencing, or watching an online movie when user B decides to use a cloud backup service or downloads updates, user A’s experience would previously have been interrupted. Realtek’s new AI QoS will reduce the download/upload bandwidth of non-critical apps and ensure that user A’s quality experience will remain constant on all lag-sensitive apps.