MACsec & EEE Embedded Automotive Ethernet PHY(RTL9010B/RTL9000C Series)

The RTL9010B/RTL9000C Series are leading Automotive Ethernet PHY products that provide EEE (Energy-Efficient Ethernet). Power consumption can be significantly reduced when EEE mode is enabled. Depending on the use case, uni-directional or bi-directional EEE mode can be adopted. The RTL9010B/RTL9000C Series is also one of the earliest Automotive Ethernet PHYs equipped with MACsec in the market. This feature will provide enhanced cybersecurity protection for next generation Software-Oriented-Architecture vehicles. Realtek Automotive Ethernet PHY is known for its low power consumption and small package. With the new features: EEE and MACsec – the RTL9010B/RTL9000C Series will be the ideal Automotive Ethernet PHY solution.