High-Speed Wireless Internet Access


Realtek’s wireless network system single chips include the RTL8197F/RTL8198D/ RTL8198F and offer a small size and highly integrated design. They provide a built-in high power amplifier, low power consumption, high throughput, and support for Wi-Fi EasyMesh™.
The RTL8852A is Realtek’s first 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 wireless product. It backward supports 802.11ac, and provides an enhanced stability, high-efficiency, and high-throughput wireless network service that supports large numbers of users in high-user-density locations. It also features a new flow control mechanism to reduce power consumption and extend battery life.
Realtek’s High-Speed Wireless Internet Access solutions are perfect for wireless routers, mesh wireless network base stations, wireless network card solution set-top boxes, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, IP-CAMs, etc.