Wi-Fi 7 Total Solutions

Realtek’s Wi-Fi 7 solutions include the router products, 2T2R dual band BE3600 (RTL8198E/RTL8932AR/RTL8902AR/RTL8221B) and 4T4R dual band BE7200 (RTL8198E/RTL8934AR/RTL8294XAR/RTL8221B), and the 2T2R client solution (RTL8922A). They support the latest Wi-Fi 802.11be standard, and provide end-users with new features such as Multi-Link Operation (MLO), Multi-Resource Unit (MRU) etc. to enhance the connection and throughput. In MLO, a device can link with an AP across multiple bands to avoid congestion in the network. Realtek’s Wi-Fi 7 also supports Wi-Fi Location, with positioning accuracy within one meter, providing the basis for indoor navigation, enterprise asset management, digital geofencing, and other positioning applications.

Realtek's AP router solutions utilize a unified platform (RTL8198E) that supports a wide range of performance levels, from BE3600 to BE7200. This allows customers to efficiently develop various models of AP routers with ease. The BE7200 router solution additionally features AI dynamic bandwidth adjustment for next generation high bandwidth, low latency performance. This advanced 4T5R RF architecture can bring higher Wi-Fi performance and wider coverage than competing products for Enterprise/SMB/Home, suiting medium and small-sized organizations, and large houses.