China Terrestrial Television Broadcast (DTMB/CTTB) Demodulator (GB20600-2006)

General Description

The RTL2836B is a high-performance China Terrestrial Television Broadcast (DTMB/CTTB) demodulator that fully is compatible with GB20600-2006 and CESI (MII) certification. The RTL2836B features Realtek proprietary algorithms (patent-pending), including superior channel estimation and power-saving design techniques, and provides an ideal solution for a wide range of applications for iDTV, PC-TV, NIM, STB.



  • Fully is compatible with GB20600-2006 (fully fits CESI requirements)
  • No need for external memory
  • Automatic transmission mode and carrier mode detection
  • Automatic carrier recovery over a wide range offset (±500 kHz)
  • Embedded Adjacent and Co-channel interference rejection circuits
  • Common phase error compensation



  • Supports multiple IF frequencies (4.57, 36.167, or 43.75 MHz)
  • Supports zero-IF input
  • Low-cost crystal for clock generation (27MHz±100 ppm)
  • ADC (11 bits)
  • On-chip PLL to minimize jitter noise
  • Delayed AGC with programmable take-over point
  • Supports parallel and serial MPEG transport stream interfaces (two-wire interface)
  • Only 3.3V power supply needed
  • 64-pin QFN ‘Green’ package
  • Low power consumption in both operating and suspend mode


  • DTMB/CTTB Set-top box
  • iDTV
  • PC-TV
  • Portable TV device