Realtek Wins 2021 Asia Responsible Enterprise Award


HSINCHU, Taiwan – September 02, 2021 – Realtek Semiconductor Corporation (Realtek, Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), a world leading network and multimedia IC provider, announced today that Realtek has won an Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA) for Health Promotion with Taipei Lung Shan Temple, Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation, and Yuan High-Tech.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics, more than 10,000 people in Taiwan die each year from liver diseases. To help reduce this, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation, Taipei Lung Shan Temple, Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation, and Yuan High-Tech joined hands to hold a ‘Free Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Screening’ and a ‘Liver Health Awareness Questionnaire Survey’ on October 31, 2020. The aim was to promote awareness, prevention, and screening for liver diseases among the people of Taiwan; striving to reach the goal of ‘eradicating Hepatitis C in Taiwan by 2025’. At the event, 8,032 people completed a Liver Health Awareness Questionnaire, setting a new Guinness World Record of most people attending a health awareness activity, and marking a new milestone for liver disease prevention in Taiwan.

In this project, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation, Taipei Lung Shan Temple, Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation, and Yuan High-Tech established a diversified partnership through cross-field cooperation to unite the forces of health care, religious belief, and digital technology. Driven by the local religious belief center, the event attracted the enthusiastic participation of local people to understand the concept of liver disease prevention and treatment, as well as the awareness of hepatitis health care. It also promoted the digital transformation of medical, non-profit organizations, and religious belief centers through the power of technology. The event specifically addressed two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Diverse Partnership’, to establish a brand new model of charitable activities.

The ‘Free Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Screening’ project was a four-way partnership, chosen after a written review, briefing, and final selection by Enterprise Asia, a leading corporate social indicator in the Asian region, for the AREA Health Promotion Award. AREA’s annual awards ceremony was held on September 2, 2021 by way of an online conference. The participating enterprise representatives came from various Asian countries and gathered to participate in the grand event and share the ideas and achievements of developing corporate social responsibility.

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