Realtek to Showcase Several AI Smart Innovation Solutions at 2024 AWE China Expo


HSINCHU, Taiwan – March 13, 2024 – As technology development opens the door to a new paradigm, the convenience and high efficiency of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly being applied to everyday life and products. Realtek has integrated AI smart technology into its network communication solutions, covering multiple networking fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth technology, wireless AP routers, and NB-IoT, showcasing the innovative strength of Realtek as a world leading chip provider.
Under the theme of Realtek chips smartly linking the world ‘Realtek AI Changing the Future’, several communication network solutions will be exhibited at the AWE China Expo held from March 14-17, 2024, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in China, demonstrating the application of AI intelligence.

AIoT Solutions: Diverse Smart Applications
Realtek's low-power AI network camera solution integrates a nine-in-one wireless dual‑band camera SoC technology. This solution features extremely fast millisecond-level startup speed and rapid response capability. The SoC is equipped with an AI NN acceleration engine, supporting efficient local AI computing. This advanced technology is highly suitable for various applications requiring high-performance AI image recognition, such as Wi-Fi doorbells, low-power security cameras, etc.

Realtek's IoT solutions have been widely adopted in smart appliances of numerous well-known brands. Recently, new Wi-Fi IoT solutions for new energy, low power consumption, and AIoT Audio have been launched. These are suitable for various scenarios such as micro inverters, portable energy storage, home energy storage applications, low-power IP Camera products, wearable products, smart door lock transmission modules, home theaters, Wi-Fi speakers, and AI recording cards, bringing AIoT into practical use in consumer and industry products. Among these, the Wi-Fi IoT new energy and low-power solutions support Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G dual-band to meet network needs across different frequency bands. They comply with industrial standards for temperature ranges and offer excellent ESD protection and RF characteristics. The low-power solutions are specifically enhanced to reduce power consumption, making them ideal for smart devices requiring long battery life.

AIoT Audio supports a Wi-Fi 5G high-throughput audio solution that features an audio-specific hardware synchronization mechanism, high processing speed CPU/MCU, and low latency capabilities. The transmission specification of this solution adopts dual‑band Wi‑Fi 6 (2.4GHz/5GHz) and dual-mode BT 5.2 SoC, capable of supporting audio playback up to 96KHz/24bit/7.1 channels, effectively enhancing the quality and listening experience of the audio.

Realtek, through its comprehensive AIoT solution portfolio, applies these innovations to everyday life and industrial scenarios to meet the growing demand for intelligent environments across various settings.

Smart AP Router Solution Equipped with Exclusive AI QoS Engine
Realtek's Wi-Fi 7 2x2 router solution utilizes advanced wireless communication technology, offering up to 4096QAM modulation, hardware Multi-Link Operation (HW MLO), and Multiple Resource Units (MRU), significantly reducing latency. It is suitable for demanding applications such as AR/VR, 4K and 8K ultra-high-definition video streaming, and gaming. Additionally, the Wi-Fi 7 4x5 router solution features strong anti-interference capabilities, stable connections, high network throughput, and extensive Wi-Fi coverage. Its dedicated receiver can quickly clear target DFS channels, allowing for instant switching and providing an optimal user experience.
Realtek's Wi-Fi 7 tri-band router solution boasts over 7Gbps of concurrent throughput and also has the capability to rapidly clear DFS channels. All three solutions are equipped with Realtek's exclusive AI QoS engine, which can accelerate the performance of latency-sensitive applications, offering users an unprecedented optimal experience through adaptive control.

A Wide-Coverage Smart NB-IoT Solution
Realtek has launched a smart NB-IoT solution targeting applications such as smart meters, smoke detectors, and asset tracking. Utilizing the low power consumption and wide coverage of NB-IoT, it achieves wireless remote and short-range connectivity capabilities within a single SoC. For smart meter applications, NB-IoT technology enables efficient and convenient remote data reading and control. In smoke detection, the fast wake-up MCU and wireless connectivity supported by NB-IoT significantly improve response time in emergencies, thus enhancing public safety. For asset tracking applications, the combination of NB-IoT technology with cloud connectivity and Wi-Fi indoor positioning functions further increases the security and efficiency of asset management.

Matter over Thread and Integrated Bluetooth Audio Solutions
Realtek's Bluetooth solutions blend exceptional RF performance, unparalleled compatibility, intuitive development tools, and rapid, comprehensive technical support, offering developers a complete set of tools and resources for quick and efficient Bluetooth application development. Additionally, Realtek's Matter over Thread solutions, including Matter over Thread End Device, Thread Border Router, and Thread Leader/Thread Router, easily facilitates building a highly compatible smart home system. This solution uses OpenThread on set-top boxes as a border router, integrating Wi-Fi and Thread protocols and enabling control of home lighting via 86 boxes, controlling Matter outlets through wireless routers, and seamlessly integrating with existing Google systems for easy user adoption.

The integrated Bluetooth audio transmission and reception, and ultra-low latency solutions, support LE audio and classic Bluetooth protocols, adapting to various functional roles such as audio reception, transmission, and integrated receive/transmit, especially in ultra-low latency mode, for flexible application across various scenarios. This solution has been widely applied in Bluetooth headphones, soundbars, speakers, and other products. In software development, it also provides an open Software Development Kit (SDK) and a comprehensive and well-documented Application Programming Interface (API) to assist customers in secondary development, creating more customized applications to stand out in this competitive market and to enhance product competitiveness.

As AI technology continues to evolve and its application scope expands, Realtek has accelerated the launch of artificial intelligence solutions for a wide range of communication network needs. With Realtek's ongoing deep cultivation in AI technology, it is expected that the future world will become more intelligent, bringing more convenient and efficient lifestyles to users.

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