Realtek Announces End-to-End FTTdp Solution with 212MHz Solution

2016/04/11 Enhanced Gigabit to the Home Over Copper Twisted Pair and Coax

HSINCHU, Taiwan –April 11, 2016 – Realtek today released their RTL986x family Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) solution. Featuring pioneering 212MHz technology, the RTL986x family further enhances the data rate on copper twisted pair and coax to over 1Gbps at 100 meter distance.

On the Distribution Point Unit (DPU) side, the RTL9864 quad port transceiver can be cascaded to support higher port count systems. On the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) end, the RTL9861, a single-port transceiver, compliments Realtek’s RTL8685G VDSL2 (with 35b profile) premium CPE SoC to provide a single hardware multimode CPE. combines the best aspects of fibre and DSL to enhance Realtek's offering for FTTdp systems, including high-speed xPON, Carrier Ethernet Switch, and complete CPE solutions in FTTH, FTTB, and FTTC. The Realtek solution leverages the existing copper loop to the home to provide data rates of over 1Gbps in FTTB or FTTdp topologies.

“We are very excited to add 212MHz technology to our FTTx end-to-end solution product line-up”, said Realtek Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “This will provide an optimized easy-to-install solution that meets demands for ever higher bandwidth-intensive services and facilitates Service Providers’ deployment of Gigabit bandwidth throughout user premises”.

Realtek will be demonstrating this technology at Broadband TV Connect Asia 2016 at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia on 4/12-13.

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