Realtek Announces Collaboration with Waves Audio Ltd on Realtek High Performance Audio DSP with Hi-Fi CODEC Products


HSINCHU, Taiwan – June 4, 2015 – Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW) is collaborating with Waves Audio Ltd., the top audio DSP technologies developer for the professional audio, broadcast and consumer electronics industries, to bring Waves’ state-of-the-art MaxxAudio® sound enhancement technologies to Realtek’s Audio DSP solutions for PC, cellphone, and tablet audio.

With its high performance and low power consumption, Realtek’s highly-integrated Audio DSP plus CODEC system is ideal for a wide range of mobile systems, including tablets, smartphones, and ultra-books. Extensive memory resources provide Waves the flexibility to run advanced high-quality audio post-processing algorithms on Realtek’s Audio DSP solutions.

MaxxAudio by Waves, a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award, is a complete suite of advanced audio algorithms designed to enhance output performances on smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. Using the same Waves processors found in professional recording studios, MaxxAudio compensates for small-speaker limitations and hardware constraints to provide premium sound performance on consumer devices. Using psychoacoustic algorithms such as bass extension, precise equalization, volume enhancers, and sophisticated leveling technologies, MaxxAudio ensures a bigger and better sound performance across all audio content.

“Realtek has had a long and close cooperation with Waves Audio, working together to integrate Waves’ post-processing package for the PC market”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “With the highly-integrated Audio DSP plus CODEC solution, Realtek is now cooperating with Waves Audio even further to bring Waves’ MaxxAudio on a Realtek CODEC to consumer electronic devices such as tablet, smartphone, and ultra-books”.

“Collaberating with Realtek diversifies OEMs’ system design alternatives” says Tomer Elbaz, Executive VP and General Manager of Waves’ Consumer division. “With MaxxAudio’s availability on Realtek’s CODEC and the flexibility to offload the main processor by running it on an external audio DSP, OEMs now have more options for optimizing their design without compromising on sound performance”.

About Realtek
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. is one of the world’s leading IC providers. Realtek designs and develops a wide range of IC products for communications network, computer peripheral, and multimedia applications. Products include 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controllers/PHYs, 10/100/1000M Ethernet Switch Controllers/Media Converter Controllers/Gateway Controllers, Wireless LAN Controllers & AP/Router SoCs, DSL Chips, VoIP Solutions, IoT Solutions, High Fidelity Audio Solutions for Mobile and PC Applications, Clock Generators, Card Reader Controllers, Web Camera Controllers, LCD Monitor/ATV/DTV Controllers, and Digital Home Center Controllers. With advanced design expertise in RF, analog, and mixed signal circuits, and with strong manufacturing and system knowledge, Realtek offers full-featured, high-performance, and competitive total solutions. More information on Realtek can be found on our website:

About Waves Audio Ltd.
Waves Audio is the world’s leading provider of audio DSP solutions for the professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets, and a recipient of a 2011 Technical GRAMMY® Award for its contributions to the recording industry. Waves has twenty years of expertise in the development of psychoacoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge on the human perception of hearing to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of the world’s most popular music, movie soundtracks, and video games titles. Waves offers software and hardware solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. Additionally, Waves also offers semiconductor-with-embedded-software solutions under the MaxxAudio® brand for consumer electronics audio applications. Waves’ MaxxAudio technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders.

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