Realtek 4K Set-top Box SoC RTD1319/RTD1311 to Support Android 10 on Android TV


HSINCHU, Taiwan – February 18, 2020 – Realtek Semiconductor Corporation (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), one of the world’s leading networking and multimedia IC providers, today announced that its RTD1319/RTD1311, the latest System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for 4K UHD Set-Top Boxes (STBs) supports Android 10 on Android TV, fully complying with Google’s latest Android TV requirements.

The certification allows Realtek to deliver fully compliant SoC platforms for Android TV with shortened development time for OEM as well as ODM customers, and accelerated product launches. Compatibility assurance means customers can easily design for the Android TV ecosystem in a highly effective and efficient way.

The Realtek RTD1319/RTD1311 series is the world’s first 4K UHD STB SoC that supports AV1 video decoding and multiple Conditional Access System (CAS) functions. The chip also supports HEVC 1080P encoder, all HDR standards, diverse output interfaces such as HDMI 2.1, USB3.0, and PCI-e, and built-in far-field voice recognition. In addition to a built-in DVB-C demodulator ready for cable inputs, the RTD1319/RTD1311 has multiple TS interfaces suitable for accepting terrestrial, cable, or satellite signals coming through external demodulators, thereby delivering a hybrid STB solution.

Realtek is one of the few IC vendors to possess a complete portfolio encompassing Bluetooth remote control unit and Wi-Fi+Bluetooth combo solutions, which ultimately simplifies the system integration process for ODMs.

“We are pleased to announce that Realtek is one of the first SoC providers to provide a fully compliant solution designed for Android 10 on Android TV”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “Realtek has delivered the world’s first 4K STB SoC with AV1 and multi-CAS support. Now Realtek can further deliver fully compliant Android TV solutions that reinforce our commitment to building next-generation full-featured STB products with a shortened time to market”.

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