Investor Relations

1. 2019 Operating Results

Realtek delivered stellar operating results in 2019. The full-year consolidated revenues were NT$60.74 billion, a 32.6% growth from the previous year. Gross profit was NT$26.58 billion, up 29.9% from the year before. Net profit after tax was NT$6.79 billion, a 56.1% year-over-year increase. Earnings per share (EPS) was NT$13.36. According to IC Insights, 2019 global semiconductor market revenue was US$442.3 billion, a decline of 12.3% compared to 2018. Despite the macroeconomic impact of a weak memory market and uncertainties of the US-China trade war, Realtek banked on robust product technology, nimble market strategies, and concerted teamwork to produce excellent results. Realtek had the highest growth rate among the world’s top 50 semiconductor companies in 2019.

  With global demand for connectivity devices of various types continuing to rise rapidly, IC companies must provide products that offer higher performance, are more integrated, and with lower power consumption. Realtek has accumulated a great deal of technological depth in connectivity and continues to make new advances to maintain its market-leading position. Amongst the 2019 top 100 domestic companies that submitted the most patent applications to Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office, Realtek ranked sixth with 333 innovation patent applications. We incorporate these technological advances into new products that meet market needs and stimulate demand. At COMPUTEX Taipei 2019, Realtek won three major awards, including Best Choice Golden awards for our 8K Video Decoder and Processing IC (RTD2893) and our Bluetooth 5 ANC Smart Headset SoC (RTL8773B), and the Best Choice Category award for our Ultra-Low-Power Versatile IoT Solution (RTL8722DM). Particularly notable was the 8K Video Decoder and Processing IC, which led all COMPUTEX award winners by receiving the Best Choice of the Year award.

2. 2020 Business Plan

After outperforming the market in 2019, for 2020 Realtek will release even more competitive products and strengthen positioning of all product lines in order to maintain market growth and technological leadership. For wireless controllers, Realtek’s first generation Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) will begin mass production in 2020 for use in a variety of applications. Optimization of existing 11ac and 11n products will provide more solutions with a higher price-performance ratio, thereby consolidating the current customer base while expanding emerging applications and markets.
For IoT controllers, Realtek has a comprehensive set of single-chip SoCs integrating microcontroller, voice, and/or ISP processors. These are highly integrated, low power consumption products that feature strong security and comprehensive AI functions that can meet the changing needs of our various customer groups. Realtek’s IoT products are already well-known and are projected to perform well in 2020 as the market quickly expands.
  For Bluetooth peripheral products, Realtek’s True Wireless Stereo (TWS) single-chip was a favorite among consumers in 2019 and led market growth. In 2020, a new generation of TWS products with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) will enable Realtek to maintain its position as the leader in Bluetooth audio, and to expand its market influence by working closely with supply chain and brand partners. Additionally, Realtek’s Bluetooth Low Power single-chip solutions are a popular choice for voice remote controllers and wearable applications, and should continue to see growth in 2020.
  Regarding Ethernet, mass production of Realtek’s new generation of 2.5Gbps Ethernet Controllers for PC applications is already underway. With the upgrade of network infrastructure in countries around the world, it will also stimulate the demand for the new 2.5Gbps Ethernet in various connectivity products.
For switch controllers, in recent years Realtek has been actively developing smart switches. In addition to the research and development of Layer 3 managed switches and higher-speed switches, the 2.5G/5G/10G physical layer technologies are progressing synchronously in Realtek to advance both the depth and breadth of product offerings. In 2020, smart switches will become a primary driver of growth, surpassing unmanaged switches.
  In automobile Ethernet products, Realtek is again riding on its technological advantages to lead the world in the release of second-generation products. Its high-port count switch controller, which integrates 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 PHYs, is a favorite of European and American automobile OEM manufacturers and tire-1 suppliers. Our switch controllers are on the way to meeting future requirements of new generation automotive in-vehicle network backbones in 2022/2023; we expect this market will be one of the mid-to-long term growth drivers for Realtek.

  For TV controllers, in 2019 Realtek products closely matched the needs of the end market to gain the support of customers and achieve steady growth. In 2020, to meet the demand for 8K signal broadcast transmission, Realtek is offering an award-winning 8K TV decoder that does not require changes to the existing TV architecture. Development of this solution has been welcomed by TV customers and resulted in many collaborative design-ins. Besides new 8K products, penetration of the 4K TV market continues, thereby providing further revenue growth opportunity in 2020.
  PC product sales grew in 2019 due to extensive commercial PC upgrades and replacements. In 2020, the overall market is expected to be more tepid. Realtek continues, however, to upgrade and optimize its PC codecs, image signal processors, card reader controllers, and Type-C controllers. At the same time, Realtek is developing non-PC applications based on its success in PC solutions. For example, in the consumer audio electronics market, Realtek’s unique low power chip design combined with power-saving software/hardware integrated design, smart audio power amplifiers, and programmable audio DSP are gradually finding their way into leading smartphone and electronic gaming brands. In recent years Realtek has developed highly integrated IP Camera single-chips in response to security and surveillance market demand. Target markets include consumer goods and smart home network monitoring devices. In 2020, Realtek will release a new generation of low power AI IP Camera controller with edge computing and H.264/H.265 encoding capabilities. Together, these products will provide consumers with a wide range of competitive solutions.

3. Strategy for Future Development and Impact by Competitive, Regulatory, and Macro Conditions

The global semiconductor industry faced numerous challenges in 2019, including uncertainties due to the US-China trade war, a weak market for memory, and slowed growth for high-end mobile phones and automotive and industrial applications. Before the start of 2020, despite the ongoing trade war, increased demand from 5G and AI was expected to restore growth to the industry. However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic is adding another uncertainty to the economic environment. Throughout, Realtek continued developing key technologies to provide customers with the best connectivity solutions for diverse applications they use. In the future, we will uphold this principle. We will use years of technological experience as well as our agile and flexible management strategies to face up to all challenges and produce greater value for all shareholders. We hope you will continue moving ahead with us on this exciting journey.

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Chairman: Yeh, Nan-Horng 

President: Chiu, Sun-Chien  

Controller: Chang, Jr-Neng