Intellectual Property Portfolio

Realtek continues to make breakthroughs in specialized, innovative technologies, earning the company many patents in multiple countries and building a strong portfolio of technologies. These advances enable Realtek to keep pace with global leading and mainstream technology trends. Realtek has been founded for 36 years and continues to maintained the spirit of continuous innovation in the R&D, reaching emerging technologies and applications, and has acquired and applied for a total of 9,413 domestic and international patents. According to the “Top 100 Patent Applicants in 2022” released by the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Realtek ranked 7th overall among Taiwanese enterprises for the number of domestic patents applied and 4th for the number of domestic patents granted. Realtek has invested in research and development for a long time, establishing a strong technological advantage in the international IC design market. With excellent technology, innovative strength and abundant research and development capacity. In 2022, it was the first time to be selected as one of the "Top 100 Global Innovators" by Clarivate. The Company’s R&D investments demonstrate a commitment to building innovative technologies, bringing infinite prospects and opportunities for success to its core business, product customers, and technology partners.