Innovative Achievements

 Innovative Products and Applications


 2022 Product Highlights: IoT Development Kit

“RTL8722DM MINI”, also known as Ameba 23 (AMB 23), is a programmed micro-controller platform designed to assist in the development of various IoT applications. The data collected by the platform can be upload wirelessly via Wi-Fi, enabling the application of IoT on smart devices.

AMB23 is a highly integrated single chip designed for IoT. Its appearance is precisely designed to reduce the size, and it is designed as a row of PIN type that makes it convenient for makers to plug into the solderless universal circuit board during the development stage. The AMB23 features the integration of Realtek’s diverse and extreme technology, which is equipped with dualband (2.4GHz/5GHz) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and audio control chip, etc., while combining 32-bit dual-core MCU to further enhance its operational performance.

Through EETimes solderless universal circuit board, Realtek extended the development of RTL8722DM and launched AMB 23, which has a rich periphery interface to connect various sensors especially for users in the development environment of Arduino, MicroPython(MP) and GCC. AMB 23 has a variety of peripheral interfaces, including WiFi, GPIO INT, I2C, UART, SPI, PWM, ADC, etc. Through these interfaces, users can link up electronic components such as LEDs, switches, pressure meter, humidity meter, PM2.5 dust sensors, etc., and create with a diversified application model.

In addition, the AMB 23 has a wide range of applications, such as ultrasonic distance measurement, infrared detection, integration with AWS cloud platform, cloud voice recognition, baby care assistant, and smart fish tank, and its diverse development possibilities bring unlimited opportunities for makers to explore and innovate.


 Development of Energy-Saving Products

As a large number of ICs are used in electronics products, Realtek firmly believes that by continuing to develop innovative ICs with better energy efficiency, we can help reduce global carbon emissions significantly worldwide. Therefore, Realtek incorporates environmental and energy-saving concepts into the product design process at the early stages of IC product development. We focus on enhancing low-power product design according to various use scenario cases to effectively reduce power consumption of new generations energysaving products. It is the core spirit of Realtek to design products that are innovative, highperformance and meet environmental protection solutions for customers around the world!

In 2022, Realtek successfully developed several new generations of products, which reduced power consumption and were smaller in area compared to the previous generations. When used for long periods of time and high-volume transmission, the significant power savings make the environmental benefits clear. They also provide end users with an enhanced user experience.