RTL8723BE Software

For Realtek PCIe WLAN Family Controller. The driver released on the website only supports the following products:
RTL8723BE/RTL8821AE/RTL8822BE/RTL8821CE/RTL8723DE: WLAN/Bluetooth combo solutions, need to install WLAN and Bluetooth drivers
RTL8812AE/RTL8192EE/RTL8188EE: WLAN-only solutions, install WLAN driver

RTL8723BE Software Files


Download Description Version Update Time File Size
32bit/64bit Windows7, Windows8.1, Windows10 Bluetooth USB Driver (Install package) 1.4.887.3011 04/19/2017 2018/08/22 71 MB
32bit/64bit Windows7, Windows8.1, Windows10 WLAN PCI Express Driver (Install package) 2023.56.0502.2017 2018/08/22 32 MB