Technological Strengths

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 Advanced Core Technologies

Technical competence is one of our greatest assets, and a primary reason for our emergence as one of the prime initiators of mainstream IT technology. In addition to participation in technical specification determination, we are often viewed as an industry benchmark and a catalyst for industry and technology trends.

Our capacity for technological innovation is exemplified by our extensive systems knowledge and system integration expertise. New product development of our highly integrated total solutions evolves with consideration of the entire system and fully utilizes our expertise in digital and analog mixed mode design and integration of key components, such as microcontrollers, DSP, RISC, PLL, RFIC and embedded memories. This technology allows us to achieve the primary development goal of system-on-a-chip, greatly increasing product efficiency.

Our expertise in system development and IC design is matched by our manufacturing knowledge and technologies, ensuring product quality and reliability.

Product Development Directions and Vision
1. Continued development of total customer solutions including hardware and software support, development tools, and technical services.
2. On-going enhancement and broadening of core technologies, including embedded processors (RISC CPU, DSP, etc.), Memory, mixed-mode circuit design, RF technology, system know-how, and manufacturing process expertise.
3. Enhancement of application capabilities, integrating audio, video, and communication system technology into System-on-a-Chip solutions.
4. Development of high-speed broadband and wireless communication solutions, and high-resolution multimedia products, to achieve the convenience of ubiquitous information and entertainment.